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for your regulatory applications.

You apply to a regulator so you can get approval to drill a well, or build a pipeline, or inject water into a pool. It likely never crosses your mind that you might not get the approval you seek. You might not think of the consequences of getting refused.

One engineer applied for 10 oil down-spacing applications. Every single one of them was closed by the regulator. letterToo bad – he put lots of work into the applications. Each application included sixteen different attachments that included cross sections and net pay maps.

Our studies show that his applications were intended to open the way to about $500,000 of opportunity and asset value each.

Each application would have taken sixty man hours to prepare. Guessing his salary, these applications would have cost thirty to one hundred thousand dollars to assemble.

All told, his company lost between $30 thousand and $5 million dollars when the regulator refused them. And yes, he was fired.

Get an approval guarantee for your application

Ten to fifty percent closed

The regulator closes 10-50% of applications submitted every month. Applications are closed 1) for technical reasons or 2) on technicalities.

Some applicants submit their refused applications again. Some just give up.

One vice president of a small company applied for a water flood.

He was producing too much water and needed to inject it. Before he could drill more wells, he needed to find a way to handle the water. letterThe discovery well production was also restricted by a maximum rate limitation.

But the regulator refused his application after four painful months of waiting. His drilling plans were delayed. Production was delayed. He missed his exit rate for the year.

So he hired us to submit a replacement application. We got it approved in three months.

He would have benefitted if he had submitted the correct application in the first place. He would have gained increased revenue in that fiscal year. He wouldn’t have missed his drilling window. We would have been able to move forward with his drilling schedule.

Total losses from the closed application $2.5 million:
  • Restricted production on the discovery well in that fiscal year: $0.5 million
  • Missed his drilling window. This delayed his drilling schedule for three wells by 9 months. He lost the revenue from these wells in the fiscal year. This lost him revenue in that fiscal year: $2 million.

Get an approval guarantee for your application

You must read between the lines

Fifty percent of what you need to know to get an approval isn’t shown in the guides.

Getting an application approved is based on experience, changing regulations, and relationships with the regulator. It’s more than reading the regulation checklists. It takes reading between the lines.

Proven has identified 34 issues that could cause your application to get stuck at the regulator. We have 42 strategies to make sure they don’t.

Think of an application you need right now? What value are you hoping to unlock by applying? What if the regulator refuses the application?

If your application isn’t worth anything, why are you applying in the first place?

We fix stuck applications

Our applications don't get stuck at the regulator. But we can fix your stuck application.

Your regulatory needs met by Proven Reserves

You Need

Proven’s Service

Get it done, get it right the first time cost effectively

Best approval rate in the industry.  Some months up to 50% of applications are closed. Not ours -- we get very few applications closed. We guarantee approval.

Quick approval to drill and produce wells

Since we get very few applications closed, you get quick approval rather than getting rejected and starting back at the beginning of the queue.

That means no seasonal drilling windows missed. No production targets missed. No cash flow postponed.

Strong understanding of oil and gas regulations

Prepared and submitted over 1000 regulatory applications to Alberta AER, Saskatchewan SMER and BC OGC.

Smooth approvals through the regulator

Experienced engineers ensure your applications not only meet the regulatory requirements but are designed to be easily understood and approved. We speak regulator-ese.

Avoid hidden regulatory traps

Our relationship with regulators ensure your applications take advantage of the latest unwritten policies.  Only half of what you need to know to have a successful application is in the guides.

Make sure your application doesn’t get held up

We identified 34 issues that could cause your application to get stuck at the regulator.  We have 42 strategies to make sure they don’t.

See an application through to approval

We at Proven follow up with the regulator and negotiate any objections the AER has to your application. We’re focused on your success.


It pays to use experts.


Get an approval guarantee for your application

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