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If you have received a letter from Proven Reserves with a notice code, click here.

Letters to Freehold Mineral Owners

As a freehold mineral owner you might have questions regarding the future application. Please feel free to contact Proven Reserves Exploitation Ltd.

Why Am I Receiving a Letter From You?

Proven Reserves, as a representative of our client, is required by AER regulations to contact and inform adjacent freehold mineral owners of the intent of clients applying to recover resources within Alberta.

These notifications help ensure equality among producers within Alberta, and allow offsetting mineral owners the opportunity to be informed of the changes taking place near their working interests.

What If I Have Questions or Concerns About The Application in Question?

Should you have concerns regarding the application or the details thereof, we would encourage you to contact us. Granger Low, one of our professional engineers will be available to answer your questions or address any concerns you may have, including any objections to the application in question. He can be reached either by phone at 403-218-7000, or by email at

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